D.I.Y Sharpie Tie Dye // Shirts


This D.I.Y is super easy and fun. What you will need is a white t shirt or tank top, rubbing alcohol 70% or higher, sharpie markers and an eye dropper. The method I used was to make dots in a circle. You don’t need to put a lot of circles just a few would be fine. I did 4 on the front and three on the back. Once you have the desired number of circles use the dropper and apply the rubbing alcohol. Don’t worry about the color soaking through that is what makes it look so cool.

I also twisted the shirt up and applied more color to make it look a little different. Also the first time you wash it to make sure your wash it by hand as the color tends to run a little bit.

Here are my results:

20394709_1454798534563906_1745768518_o  20426895_1454798531230573_653570175_o


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