No Spend March

As you read that title you are probably wondering how is that possible and how can you survive and entire month of no excess spending. I have come up with some basic guidelines to follow to help you survive.

1. No eating out- Now that doesn’t mean that if you have a special occasion that you can’t eat out this just means no eating or just because you feel like being lazy and not cooking.

2. No unnecessary shopping- this means things that do not have anything to do with your basic day to day living.

3. Minimize you grocery list- This means take out all those snack foods and sodas and things you do not need for basic nutrition.

4. Bills – Now this one is just self explanatory you have to pay you rent and bills.

5. Buy only the necessary household items to keep you house tidy. Also making your own cleaners are cost efficient and better for your family. (I made a blog post about homemade cleaners)

So basically just don’t go out to eat or spend excessive money on things you do not truly need. This is also a great time to de litter your house and sell unwanted items to maximize your savings.

Happy saving!


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I am from West Virginia. I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart and I enjoy photography, writing, reading and doing crafts.

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