D.I.Y Holi Powder


Holi powder is such a fun addition to any photo shoot. My husband and I decided to get our pictures done for our 2 year wedding anniversary but we didn’t want to just do the basic cutesie couples photos so I did some research and I love the way these pictures looked so I started looking around for ways to make the powder yourself and save some money.

Here is what you need:

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • baggies
  • glass jars or plastic containers to store
  • a hammer or a hard spoon


All you have to do is put three of whatever color chalk you want into a plastic baggie. Make sure you seal it tight and lay it on a hard surface. Next, you need to do is break up the chalk until it’s a fine powder (don’t worry too much about a few chunks). Once it’s as fine as you want it put it in your containers.

because it’s chalk it will show up on just about any color shirt. Have fun and happy crafting!

Here are a few pictures of us using the powder.


D.I.Y Sharpie Tie Dye // Canvas Shoes

This is a super easy and fun D.I.Y. All you need is a pack of sharpies, an eye dropper and rubbing alcohol 70% or higher, I purchased my canvas shoes from payless.com for around $12.


The first step is to make dots all around the shoe in the color scheme you want. After you’ve done the whole shoe all you have to do is use the eye dropper and hold the shoe. Drop the alcohol on the shoe and the color will spread. I always hold the shoe and an angle and I use a ton of alcohol to make sure you can’t see the dots once you were done.


This design I used a line technique with only blue and orange.


This design I used the circle technique and every color of the rain bow.

Happy crafting!