Want FREE Ebooks?

I have had quite a few people ask me how I am able to purchase so many ebooks. My iBooks has over 50 Ebooks on it right now. I bet you too are starting to wonder how I get so many Ebooks? Well I would be glad to share my secret with you. 

I downloaded this amazing app that sends you free or very cheap Ebooks to your phone each day based on what you have chosen you like. I get about 5-6 books a day that really catch my eye. Go here when you are ready to join the fun https://www.bookbub.com


Updated Reading Challenge 

I have read six books so far this year! First book I read was Tears of a Tiger as the book I read in school. I also read the first three books of The Series of Unfortunate Events as a book from my childhood. King Lear as a book published over 100 years ago and It gets worse by Shane Dawson as a book published last year. 

The next book is suppose to be non fiction so I have no clue wear to start. I am thinking someone’s biography. If you have any suggestions comment below also if your reading along with me please comment your current reads below.

Happy Reading!

Coping with mental illness


I suffer from a few mental illnesses and I wanted to share ways that you can cope with each illness. It is very hard to live life everyday for me but I am slowly learning how to cope.

First off depression is no stranger to me. I have been suffering with depression for about 10 years. I use journalling as a way to cope but here are a few more ways to cope with depression. Reach out and stay connected to supportive people. Do things that make you feel good, even when you don’t feel like it. Move vigorously during the day, don’t sit for more than an hour. Learn about the mood-boosting benefits of omega-3 fats. Get a daily dose of sunlight. Challenge negative thinking.

Anxiety is next on my list. Now for most like me anxiety is depressions best friend. You cant have one without the other. Mine comes in the form of over thinking and worry. Again I use journalling as my best coping mechanism but here are a few more ways you can cope repeat your worry until your bored silly which means  take the troublesome thought that’s nagging at you and say it over and over, silently, slowly, for 20 minutes. It’s hard to keep your mind on a worry if you repeat it that many times. Recognize the false alarms which means Many thoughts and sensations that we interpret as cues for concern―even panic―are just background noise. Think of each of them as a fire engine going to another place. You’ve noticed them; now let them pass by. Meditate, make peace with what is making you anxious and don’t let worries stop you from living.

Other ways to cope with both include seeing a therapist, keeping a journal or asking your doctor about medication that may work for you. Last but not least if you ever have suicidal thoughts or tendencies please call 911 immediately and let them know you are having the thoughts if that is not an option for you please call the 24hr suicide prevention line 1-8002738255. There is also a chat room now if you just need someone to talk to http://chat.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/GetHelp/LifelineChat.aspx and they have a safe space as well https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/safe-space/

Remember I am always here if you need someone to talk to feel free to email me at sntenney15@gmail.com. You are worth it!!

Love You So Far Project

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I know most of you are looking for a way to make your loved ones day perfect without breaking the bank. Here is an amazing way to make their day wonderful. The idea of the love you so far project is to contact people all over the world and collect love notes for your loved one. They say things like My love for you is so big it has reached, I love you so much they can feel it all the way in and much more. There is a Facebook group which is the easiest way to obtain these notes find that here https://m.facebook.com/groups/366791083676839?ref=bookmarks the idea is to collect all 50 states plus any counties you would prefer. Below are some examples I have got for my husband 

7 Types of Journals to Keep

I have been an avid journal keeper since 2009. I have about 35 journals total. I would like to talk to you guys about my favorite types of journals to keep.

1. Time capsule journal, in this journal you would keep current events or events that interest you from history. In my journal I like to include pictures of the event or newspaper clippings.

2. Keep a dream journal. In this journal I record any vivid dream when I wake up. Sometimes I like to use the dream dictionary to analyze what my dream may mean.

3. Exercise/ health journals are great to keep, especially if you’re someone like me who struggles with weight loss. I use my journal to record what I eat, what exercises I do that day and I love using clippings from health magazines or notes I want to remember from watching Dr.Oz or The Doctors.

4. If you’re someone like me who comes up with ideas/thoughts at the worst times, using and carrying a Catch all journal is a life saver. In this journal I literally just write whatever I want. For example if I’m at the work and think of a good idea for a blog post or a YouTube video I will include it in this journal and write ideas. I also use this journal for poetry, lists, doodles and reflections on my day when I’m not around my daily journal.

5. Travel journals are a great way to help plan trips and reflect on past trips. I usually put my itinerary for trips in the journal plus I include receipts, post cards, brochures and pictures from my trip.

6. A gratitude journal is a way to focus on what’s good in your life because I know most of us usually only remember the bad things by keeping this journal and looking back on it will help you on days when you are at your lowest.

7. Visual journals are great for all you creative people out there. In this journal you can include original art work, art work you find in magazines, pictures you took etc. just let your creative juices flow and record it in this visual journal.

There are many many other types of journals to keep these are just my usual journals I use more than anything else, besides of course my daily journal.

Happy journaling!

Tears of a Tiger Book Review

For the first part of the reading challenge I was challenged to read a book I read in school and I chose Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper. I read this book in my 9th grade English class and it was such a great read I wanted to read it again. Below is my review.

Sharon Draper uses death in her novel, Tears of a Tiger, to evoke heavy feelings from her readers as well as to get a certain message across; drunk driving destroys lives. The other theme Draper sews into this depressing, tear-jerking novel is racial prejudice. As much as we hope to believe that racism has vanished from society, it’s merely been suppressed. For instance one of the main character Andy has been told most of his life that the furthest he could go in life would to be a basketball coach, for he is such a great player and knows the game well. They also feel that because he is black, he can handle the death of his best friend with ease since “black kids are tough” (pg. 127).

The novel grabbed and kept my attention throughout the entire novel, mainly due to the writing style she uses. She used the characters’ conversations to tell the story of that tragic night where one of the star basketball players was killed in a devastating accident. She tried to engage the reader farther by allowing them to view the characters’ thoughts through letters they wrote, the school homework they handed in (pg. 63-70) and also through newspaper headlines (pg. 1, 20-22, 166).

At first when I read it in high school I remember wondering why she chose to use a terrible accident that caused the death of a well know member of the community to begin a story but now as I have reread it I see that she started it with a horrible accidental death to end the story with a purpose-filled death because it is truly the perfect way to depress and traumatize any individual. She is an amazing author. I will be reading the rest of the Hazelwood High Trilogy.