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Tears of a Tiger Book Review

For the first part of the reading challenge I was challenged to read a book I read in school and I chose Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper. I read this book in my 9th grade English class and it was such a great read I wanted to read it again. Below is my review.

Sharon Draper uses death in her novel, Tears of a Tiger, to evoke heavy feelings from her readers as well as to get a certain message across; drunk driving destroys lives. The other theme Draper sews into this depressing, tear-jerking novel is racial prejudice. As much as we hope to believe that racism has vanished from society, it’s merely been suppressed. For instance one of the main character Andy has been told most of his life that the furthest he could go in life would to be a basketball coach, for he is such a great player and knows the game well. They also feel that because he is black, he can handle the death of his best friend with ease since “black kids are tough” (pg. 127).

The novel grabbed and kept my attention throughout the entire novel, mainly due to the writing style she uses. She used the characters’ conversations to tell the story of that tragic night where one of the star basketball players was killed in a devastating accident. She tried to engage the reader farther by allowing them to view the characters’ thoughts through letters they wrote, the school homework they handed in (pg. 63-70) and also through newspaper headlines (pg. 1, 20-22, 166).

At first when I read it in high school I remember wondering why she chose to use a terrible accident that caused the death of a well know member of the community to begin a story but now as I have reread it I see that she started it with a horrible accidental death to end the story with a purpose-filled death because it is truly the perfect way to depress and traumatize any individual. She is an amazing author. I will be reading the rest of the Hazelwood High Trilogy.