Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone, I hope you had an amazing holiday season. I am so sorry I have been so absent I have been going through some things health related, relationship related and mentally. I will expand on this in a later post. Well since 2018 is here and 2017 was such a terrible year for me I have decided to set myself some goals for this coming year to get to a better place and live a happier and healthier lifestyle. I thought I would share those goals/Resolutions with you all in case you are in the same boat as me.

First off I am finally going to step it up and get my butt into shape, and not just a round shape haha. My goal weight loss wise is at least 85lbs or down to a medium/large shirt and size 14/16 pants which ever comes first! Secondly I have also decided I am going to stop spending money on dumb shit and actually plan for my future. I have cut out all subscriptions I have, except Apple Music of course and decided my husband and I will go on one date per paycheck. Next, I would like to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. I feel like I’m wasting my life away sleeping late which is cause by 3 or 5 o’clock bedtimes. Next I aim to be more active on all my social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, wordpress and YouTube) and post more positive things and keep my negative thoughts and feeling to my journal and my therapist. Lastly, I aim to be more active in my independent sales such as Thrive, Country Scents Candles and Lala Leggings. I aim to at least get two customers per month and step out of my comfort zone.

I hope you all will join me on this journey of bettering my life and overall well-being. Comment some of your New Years Resolutions, id love to see them!


Benefits of Keeping a Journal

I have been journaling for over 8 years. I keep over 6 different journals at one time only because each one of journals have a theme. Refer to one of my other posts on 7 types of journals to keep. https://wordpress.com/post/thejournalgurl13.wordpress.com/28 in total I have over 35 journals. I use journaling for many different reason. To escape from the problems of the world, to brainstorm story ideas, to describe characters for stories, to cope with mental illnesses the possibilities are endless but today I would like to share some of the benefits of journaling are.

First off it helps you get to know yourself better. It helps clarify your mind, reduces stress and helps you open up about things that you may not feel comfortable enough to share with your friends or family. It could help solve disagreements you may have with someone by writing down the problem and finding solutions.

Journaling can also help boost your memory and comprehension, improve communication skills and self confidence. Journaling is also a great way to spark your creativity. I love journlaing because it gives me an outlet and frees my mind from all the negative thoughts I have each day. Journaling has saved my life on more than one occasion.

Happy Journaling!


13 Reasons Why // Coping with Bullying


Recently I have finally caved in and started watching 13 reasons why on Netflix and upon watching this series I found myself relating to Hannah Baker very much in many aspects of her story. I love the way this series explains the story of Hannah in her own words. I highly recommend watching this series on Netflix. I finished watching the series today and felt compelled to share my story with you and give you some resources if you feel this way too.

My bullying story started all the way back in 6th grade at Westwood Middle School. Sadly most of the bullying came from kids I grew up with and spent the last 5 years of my school life with that knew my story and my background. From the very first week of 6th grade the torturous bullying started. Mostly about my weight and the fact that my family didn’t have a lot of money so I had very few outfits.

A kid I knew started calling me a dirty, which means I don’t bath or wash my clothes which obviously wasn’t true but that term spread like wildfire. The next day people stopped sitting next to me on the bus, in class or at lunch. The whispers started your a dirty, why don’t you take a bath once in awhile they would say. It started getting worse. One day as I was getting off the bus someone threw a shopping bag at me which contained travel sized soap, shampoo, conditioner and wash clothes. I was so heart broken that at the young age of 13 I had already had my first thought of suicide. I tried to ignore it for a few more weeks but it just got worse to the point that they were now starting to use my weight as a new way to bully me. My new name was cow or whale. It continued you all the way up until 9th grade. I was so excited to go to a new school.


Little did I know high-school was just the same. The names started again and the mistreatment. I had things thrown at me at lunch. In one of my classes I heard a rumor about myself that I had sex with a boy for money. Which was not true of course but it didn’t make it hurt any less. The names started circulating slut, whore, nasty cunt you name it I was called it. My senior year in high school was the worse. They started a list similar to the one from 13 reasons why. I was named the most likely to have sex for money, the most likely to not take a bath etc etc. I had finally reach my breaking point. I left school for over a week and too counselling which saved my life. Bullying is a very real thing and living with it makes life difficult. Bullying and suicide too often go hand and hand. I alone thought of suicide more than a few times.

If you are being bullied please step up and tell an adult. If you see bulling happening step up and tell an adult. There are also anonymous way to report bulling as well check out  http://stopitsolutions.com/ and if you know someone who is thinking about suicide or if you yourself are thinking about suicide please tell someone.

Here are a few links that may help!

What to look out for:
Take a stand against bullying and step up and speak out about suicide!

I Need Energy!!

If you find yourself waking everyday feeling worn down, feeling like there has to be more to life then I would LOVE to share a product with you called THRIVE!

I have been using Thrive for over a month and man let me tell you it had changed my life. I was what the company likes to call a day one thriver which means from the very first day of trying Thrive I noticed a difference. I had more energy and much better focus. After about a week on Thrive I started sleeping better and waking up more refreshed. Over the duration of this past month I have lost 15lbs. All from doing three simple steps every morning.

What exactly is Thrive your asking? It is an 8 week premium lifestyle plan to help individuals experience and reach peak physical & mental levels. It’s very hard to explain so the best way to learn what Thrive is is to experience it.

Take a moment and watch this video http://stephanietenney.le-vel.com if you want to learn more after watching the video follow these steps.

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We will speak about getting you started and if I have samples available I will send you one. I just couldn’t keep this to myself.

Happy Thriving!