20 Ways to Fill Your Blank Notebooks or Journals

It’s back to school time and if your like me you can’t resist the urge to buy all those super cute notebooks at the store. You know the ones Lisa Frank, leopard print and GLITTER ones. I’d like to share with you 20 ways you can fill them and not feel guilty for splurging.

1. Keep a daily journal: Take a few minutes out of everyday and write about your day.

2. Daily to do lists: We all have tons of things to do each day. Why not jot them down in one place each day?

3. Lists: Do you have books you’d like to read or purchases you’d like to make why not keep a list of it all in a notebook?

4. Doodles or artwork: Are you an artist or just find yourself doodling at work on a post it note? Why not compile them all on a notebook.

5. Catch all journal: The idea of this one is to carry it with you and whenever an idea or thought pops in your head you take out this notebook and record it.

6. Time capsule: Use this notebook to post or write about daily events in your town or past events you find fascinating.

7. One word a day/ one sentence a day notebook: The idea behind this notebook is simple. Keep it beside your bed and each night write the date and one word or sentence to describe your day.

8. 52 week notebook: The idea behind this notebook is every Sunday write down a paragraph or more about your whole week.

9. Gratitude journal: Each day write one or more things you were grateful for that day.

10. Bucket list journal: Write down things you want to do or experience before you pass on and also write about doing them.

11. Letters to your child: Write to your child while carrying and while caring for them up to 1 year and keep if for them til they are old enough to enjoy it.

12:Travel journal: Write about all the places you’ve traveled to even just around your state.

13. Guestbook Notebook: Keep it by your door, on the toilet, in the living and let friends and family write whatever they want in it while visiting.

14. Character Journal: If your writer, fill the journal or notebook written like it would be written by your characters you create.

15. Quotes: Compile all your favorite quotes whether they be from famous folks or your own family.

16. Vision board or mood notebook: use it to log your mood each day or a vision board for special projects.

17. Dream journal: log your dreams each morning and try to analyze them or track them to see how they change over time.

18. Friendship or relationship journal: pass this journal back forth between your friends or significant other and write letters, draw doodles or ask questions back and forth. Include photos or events you attend together.

19. Inspiration collage notebook: use this to add photos for tasks you wanna do from like Pinterest or google.

20. Holiday journal: Add a photo of each holiday and write about your experiences.

These are only a few ways to fill those blank notebooks or journals. Honestly the possibilities are endless. I hope you use some of these ideas and have fun!


I Deactivated my Facebook // What I Learned

I have been without a Facebook for over a week. I did so because it was causing a lot of bad things in my life and my mental health. This is one thing I never thought I could do but I did it and I wanted to share my thoughts and tell you what I learned.

On the first day of deactivation I was very anxious. I felt like I was missing out on something and I felt very detached from the world. I kept clicking on the app only to remember that I was no longer a member of the Facebook community. As the second and third days rolled around I didn’t feel as anxious but I still woke up every morning and grabbed my phone to check Facebook. It’s amazing to step back and realize how much of my life I actually spent just “checking” Facebook.

After about a week I stopped even wanting to look at my Facebook. The only thing I felt alarmed by was that I was absent from Facebook for nine days and absolutely no one contacted me to see if I was ok or what may have happened. It really proved to me that the validation I was always seeking was only in my own mind. I thought by deleting my Facebook I would miss important things or I would miss someone sharing something special with me only to find out that even if I disappeared no one would notice.

I have reactivated my Facebook today only to catch upon my Thrive business and make sure everyone was ok and I definitely didn’t miss the bull crap you read and all the drama. I think I may deactivate for good.

All in all this was a good experience for me and I suggest you at least try it for a week. It will open your eyes to a lot.

Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone, I hope you had an amazing holiday season. I am so sorry I have been so absent I have been going through some things health related, relationship related and mentally. I will expand on this in a later post. Well since 2018 is here and 2017 was such a terrible year for me I have decided to set myself some goals for this coming year to get to a better place and live a happier and healthier lifestyle. I thought I would share those goals/Resolutions with you all in case you are in the same boat as me.

First off I am finally going to step it up and get my butt into shape, and not just a round shape haha. My goal weight loss wise is at least 85lbs or down to a medium/large shirt and size 14/16 pants which ever comes first! Secondly I have also decided I am going to stop spending money on dumb shit and actually plan for my future. I have cut out all subscriptions I have, except Apple Music of course and decided my husband and I will go on one date per paycheck. Next, I would like to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. I feel like I’m wasting my life away sleeping late which is cause by 3 or 5 o’clock bedtimes. Next I aim to be more active on all my social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, wordpress and YouTube) and post more positive things and keep my negative thoughts and feeling to my journal and my therapist. Lastly, I aim to be more active in my independent sales such as Thrive, Country Scents Candles and Lala Leggings. I aim to at least get two customers per month and step out of my comfort zone.

I hope you all will join me on this journey of bettering my life and overall well-being. Comment some of your New Years Resolutions, id love to see them!

How To Start a Journal

In order to start a journal, you’ll need a notebook/ journal, a writing tool, and a commitment to yourself to write. First thing to do is write your first entry. After writing your first entry, you can then use the journal as a way to explore your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Below are some tips and ideas that might make your first entry easier to write.

  1. Make your first entry about yourself in present day, such as your current favorites, current prices of things you use, current events that way you can look back on this page in a few years and see how you have changed.
  2. Simply write about your day. Where you went, what you did or who you spoke to.
  3. Make a list of things you want to get out of keeping a journal.

I have been keeping a journal on and off since 2009. some other tips I have would be to always date your entries, get into the flow of writing, brainstorm what you want to write about for the day and always carry your journal with you.

I hope these tips help you on your journal adventure! Happy writing!


Living With an Absent Spouse


Loneliness is no stranger to those of us living with a spouse who is absent from our lives more times than we would like to admit. Whether he has a demanding job, demanding family or is all about himself neither reason is easy to bare. I personally have a spouse who works 40-60 hours a week, in which most shifts are late nights and I appreciate everything he does to support us and make life a good as it is and understand completely but the only thing that makes it so hard to live with is even on his days off or when he closes vs opening I am always the last person he wants to spend time with.

Now a lot of you are thinking, well you live together so at least you see each other every night. Yes that is true but after spending the whole day alone all you really want is some quality time with your loved one but instead you get i’m tired or leave me alone. I usually wait up for him just so I can see him and usually get ignored. Now after living 8 years like this I have some advice i’d like to share that will make it easier to cope with.

  1. Find you niche. Find what your good at or what you love to do and use this to pass the time.
  2. Have a few great friends. Having someone else to spend time with during the day will make it easier to go through the days because you won’t be sitting at home to wallow.
  3. Listen to music. Listen to upbeat tunes to keep you from slipping into the sadness of being alone most days.
  4. Keep a journal. Writing to a journal everyday about the issues you face while being home alone so much. You can also use a journal to compile thoughts/feelings you want to share with your spouse if and when you get some alone time with them.
  5. Make time to spend with them. What I mean by this is wake up earlier to spend some extra time with them, wait up to see them or simply cancel one of your plans to see them even if they have plans. Spending even an hour or two is worth it.

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me over the past 8 years. Good luck and many blessings!

Benefits of Keeping a Journal

I have been journaling for over 8 years. I keep over 6 different journals at one time only because each one of journals have a theme. Refer to one of my other posts on 7 types of journals to keep. https://wordpress.com/post/thejournalgurl13.wordpress.com/28 in total I have over 35 journals. I use journaling for many different reason. To escape from the problems of the world, to brainstorm story ideas, to describe characters for stories, to cope with mental illnesses the possibilities are endless but today I would like to share some of the benefits of journaling are.

First off it helps you get to know yourself better. It helps clarify your mind, reduces stress and helps you open up about things that you may not feel comfortable enough to share with your friends or family. It could help solve disagreements you may have with someone by writing down the problem and finding solutions.

Journaling can also help boost your memory and comprehension, improve communication skills and self confidence. Journaling is also a great way to spark your creativity. I love journlaing because it gives me an outlet and frees my mind from all the negative thoughts I have each day. Journaling has saved my life on more than one occasion.

Happy Journaling!


Think Happy Thoughts

Happy Friday everyone! I read a post recently at http://why-girls-are-weird.com about every Friday posting 10 things that made you happy this week. I think this is a great idea because we often get lost in all the negative things in life and rarely stop to take a look at the happy things! If you want to join me next week snag the picture at the bottom of my post!

1. Getting a new journal.

2. Going to lunch with my grandma.

3. Finalizing vacation plans.

4. Getting my house clean.

5. Getting internet.

6. Having a movie night with my husband.

7. Going for a long walk.

8. Sitting at the river.

9. Made a few new friends.

10. Talked to my daddy.